The Yale Hindi Debate


Born as a student’s idea in a Yale classroom, the Yale Hindi Debate has grown exponentially, from an ambitious venture to an intellectual, cultural, and social institution. 
The debate was established as a Yale-only event in 2008, and now sees participation from faculty and students from USA’s preeminent schools, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Cornell, UCLA, Wesleyan, Rutgers, the University of Texas at Austin, and Wellesley College.


All Yalies are welcome to attend the debate.

Reasons why you should attend: 

  • Yale needs its bulldogs for support! 
  • The best from across the United States are going to be engaged in fervent intellectual discourse--don't you want to be there to listen?!
  • There will be Bollywood a capella. 
  • There will be delicious Indian dinner afterwards.

Most importantly, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Any audience member can interject any speaker, and the best question of the evening wins the Best Interjector Prize. At the national round, this is a $25 iTunes gift card! So if you like Iggy Azalea or Downton Abbey (or even if you just like making your friends jealous), be sure to attend!


The Medical Historical Library at Yale - Source: Akhil Sud, SM '16