The Yale Hindi Debate


Born as a student’s idea in a Yale classroom, the Yale Hindi Debate has grown exponentially, from an ambitious venture to an intellectual, cultural, and social institution. 
The debate was established as a Yale-only event in 2008, and now sees participation from faculty and students from USA’s preeminent schools, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Cornell, UCLA, Wesleyan, Rutgers, the University of Texas at Austin, and Wellesley College.

YHD National Round Awards - 2018


Best Speaker (Native) | Neil Shah, Rutgers

Second Best Speaker (Native) | Naima Gupta, Yale

Best Speaker (Heritage) | Srishti Sharma, University of Kansas

Second Best Speaker (Heritage) | Bibek Basnet, Yale

Best Speaker (Non-Heritage) | Henry Robinson, Yale

Second Best Speaker (Non-Heritage) | Marie Hornung, University of Kansas

Best Interjector | Raj Ramnani, Yale

YHD Prelim Round Awards - 2018


Krish Desai, Best Speaker (Native)

Naima Gupta, Best Speaker (Native)

Yashu Jindal, Second Best Speaker (Native)

Bibek Basnet, Best Speaker (Heritage)

Ishaan Srivastava, Second Best Speaker (Heritage)

Henry Robinson, Best Speaker (Non-Heritage)

Daniel Bacheschi, Second Best Speaker (Non-Heritage)

Krish Desai, Best Interjector


Our Judges: Shikhar Singh (Yale), Dr. Shaheen Parveen (Rutgers), Patrica Sabarwal (University of Kansas), Gyanam Mahajan (UCLA), Anand Dwivedi (UPenn) - in order from left to right

Our Judges: Shikhar Singh (Yale), Dr. Shaheen Parveen (Rutgers), Patrica Sabarwal (University of Kansas), Gyanam Mahajan (UCLA), Anand Dwivedi (UPenn) - in order from left to right

Sanat Khurana (left), Seema Khurana (center), Ipsitaa Khullar (right)

Sanat Khurana (left), Seema Khurana (center), Ipsitaa Khullar (right)

Swapna Sharma, Senior Lector (left); Seema Khurana, Senior Lector (center); Reeta Devi - Fulbright FLTA (right)

Swapna Sharma, Senior Lector (left); Seema Khurana, Senior Lector (center); Reeta Devi - Fulbright FLTA (right)

Our speakers


Best Speaker (Native) | Ayushi Chamaria, NYU
Second Best Speaker (Native) | Saira Arshad, Rutgers
Best Speaker (Heritage) | Shukan Patel, UCLA
Second Best Speaker (Heritage) | Shubhangi Shekhar, NYU
Best Speaker (Graduate) | McCaulay Singer-Milnes, Columbia
Second Best Speaker (Graduate) | Phillip Sergio, Harvard
Best Speaker (Non-Heritage) | Daniel Lee Theisen, University of Kansas
Second Best Speaker (Non-Heritage) | Jessica Standifer, UCLA
Best Interjector | Arjun Prakash, Yale


Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful YHD 2017!
See you next year!

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A Yale Halloween

Every year, at the stroke of midnight on October 31st, Yale's Woolsey Hall is packed with students in costume, eagerly awaiting the start of the Yale Symphony Orchestra's annual, legendary Halloween Show. As is tradition, YSO screens a a short, silent movie filmed by YSO members, and sets it to live orchestral music. 

This year, the movie's plot involved a Yalie spread too thin - with too many extracurricular and academic commitments, and no time for friends. Following certain dramatic events fit for a fantastical Halloween night, her transformation into a Yalie with a healthy workload had the hall cheering with empathy. And we couldn't help but think back to YHD 2015's motion: "All work and no play is the dictum of today."

Oh YSO--we think alike!  

Source: Akhil Sud SM '16

Source: Akhil Sud SM '16